Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Review–Open Book Blog Hop

We're doing something different this week for the blog hop. We're each reviewing a book of our choosing. The book I picked is Designing Samantha's Love  by PJ Fiala.

Samantha–Sam–Powell has denied her emotions for too long. After a marriage gone wrong, ended by the death of her husband, she struggles with mixed feelings of loneliness and guilt. 

Grayson Kinkaide, owner of Kinkaide Architects, hasn't fared well in matters of the heart. He believes he's squandered his chance at true love somewhere along the way. When he and Sam have a chance meeting, they're immediately attracted to each other.

But second chances don't always come easy. Someone is determined to keep the two apart. Can Sam and Gray survive he threats long enough to give love a chance?

In Designing Samantha's Love, PJ Fiala has given us a touching story of two people struggling to recreate themselves,  and at the same time,trying find a way to create a happily ever after.

PJ Fiala is  a wife of thirty years, a mother of four grown children and the grandmother of three lovely grandchildren. When not writing a new story,she can be found riding her motorcycle and exploring this fabulous country of ours. Her writing revolves around people anyone would love to spend time with. No self-absorbed billionaires for her.

You can get more information about PJ Fiala at her  BLOG, and you can find more of her books on  Amazon and other retailers.

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