Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Songs from My Past

This week on the Open Book Blog Hop: Songs from your past. Share your high school music loves.

Rebellion. That was the theme of music during my high school years. It was the height of the Vietnam protest era and the songs we listened to reflected the political discontent of the generation.

"Revolution" by the Beatles may have been a B side song, but it's popularity couldn't be denied. There were several versions, but the words expressed the feelings of many of my peers. Revolution. After all, we wanted to change the world.

If you've never heard it, take a listen. Or listen to it again. For some of us, it never gets old. In fact, it's one of the songs my mother made the rule for—it could only be played once, and not over and over.

But the Beatles were tame compared to some of the other music. Woodstock introduced many groups to a wider audience. Some are still well-known, others have faded into history. Country Joe and the Fish may never have received much radio airtime as their Vietnam song didn't meet decency standards, but their songs were made popular by word of mouth. Vietnam Song

Putting together this list reminded me of so many other great songs. There's WAR by Edwin Starr and the Rolling Stones' Paint It Black. There's the Eve of Destruction and Fortunate Son.

But not all the popular songs were protest songs. Top songs ranged from Tony Orlando's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" Ribbon  to John Denver's Rocky Mountain High. Rocky Mountain. Women singers had their share of popularity. Roberta Flack,Dionne Warwick, Janis Joplin, Carol King, Olivia Newton-John and Aretha Franklin all had major hits. Me and Bobby McGee was an anthem for every girl who longed to cut loose from society's expectations and find themselves. 

Frankly, I could ramble on for a long time. So many songs, and I spent several hours reminiscing as I put this post together. So before I get off on another tangent—I haven't even got to the country songs that crossed over to the popular lists—I'll stop here and send you over to another of the authors. But before you leave, don't forget to share the songs from your high school years in the comments.

PJ Fiala is the author of the Rolling Thunder Series. You can check out her books HERE  and see what music she listened to here PJ Fiala

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