Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Battling stress-Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to another edition of the Open Book Blog Hop. This week we're talking about our methods of relieving stress.

Anyone here remember MAD Magazine's mascot, Alfred E. Neuman? I know, I'm dating myself, but he's one of my heroes. His slogan was "What, me worry?" That's been my mantra for much of my life. Only I take it a little farther.

See, when I find myself worrying about something, the first thing I ask myself is can I do something about it? If the answer is yes, then I need to get my act together and just do it. And if I can't do anything about it, then I need to find something better to spend my energy on.

Shoot, if my mother's stories are true, I had the same attitude as a baby. I was born weeks late, and when I finally decided to make my appearance, I was sucking my thumb. Yes folks, I was sucking my thumb while my poor mother spent hours trying to give birth to me. Of course,it was all for show, because I'm told I never sucked my thumb after that.

Now, if I'm being honest, I will admit that there are a few things that make me stressed. When my now grown-up kids were having issues as children, I stressed about how I could help them. When economics meant I needed to stretch not enough money too far, I stressed. When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I stressed. (She's a survivor!)

Then I got out of my chair and did something. What I did depended upon the situation. But even making the plan of what I needed to do would help relieve the stress. Of course, I have some standard remedies for stress relief. I guess they came to me instinctively, because they are things I've done since I was a youngster.

I've always liked going for hikes and long walks. Growing up I lived in the country, and I'd spend hours walking along the nearby back roads and through the forests and meadows. I may not have as much time to do that as I used to, but I still go exploring when I get the opportunity,

If you've been reading my posts, you know that I do needlecraft. (Didn't catch that post? Check the archives for the July Crafty Things post.) I find it totally relaxing to poke a needle and thread (or yarn) through canvas or cloth and end up with something beautiful. (At least in my humble opinion!)

My habit of getting up to the mountains whenever I can is another way to shed any stress I might be feeling. I say that the mountains "feed my soul." I lived for too many years near sea level, and I spent a lot of time plotting how to get back to hilly country. I'm here now, and I'm still plotting how I can get even nearer and stay longer!

Finally, there's my writing. Frankly, it causes me stress at the same time it relieves stress. Trying to find the right words can me a real headache. But once I finally get a story down, it's such a satisfying feeling that I have to start all over again.

Want to find out what how other authors relieve stress? You can click on the links below, but I suggest you start over at Traci wooden-Carlisle's blog. Check out her books while you're there. Traci Wooden-Carlisle  (Isn't that a beautiful cover?)

And feel free to leave a comment and tell us how you relieve stress. 

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