Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Favorite Decade—Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to yet another round of the Open Book Blog Hop, brought to you by some of my favorite writers. This weeks topic is— my favorite decade.

When I first saw the topic for this week, I groaned. Did i really want to give people a clue to my age based on my favorite decade? Then I realized nothing said I had to be alive in that decade. So now I can write this and leave you guessing. Was I alive back then or is this all my imagination?

And then I realized that if I could break one unspoken rule, I could break another. So, ladies and gentleman, no boring, run-of-the mill decade for me. May I present 1965-1975?

Why you ask? I'll tell you why. The music. We get to skip the awkward years of rock-n-roll's beginnings and move into the the era of make love, not war. The singer-songwriter movement was bursting into its peak and the creativity of musicians soared. The decade gave us the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and of course, John Denver. We have Woodstock, the anti-war movement and The Beatles' White Album.

1965-1975 gave us a new way to listen to the music too. You no longer had to be glued to a radio or a stereo, 8-track tapes gave us the ability to listen to our choice of music anywhere we went. Music became an essential part of people's lives.

Did I mention the musicians? The decade gave us Pink Floyd, The Eagles and The Carpenters. I haven't even touched on the country-western greats of the time. Remember when it was country-western and not country?

By 1975 we were heading into the disco era and music changed again. Yes, there was still great music being made, but somehow it didn't hold the same raw emotion. Popular music got glitzy, sparkly and over-produced. 

So what's your favorite decade for music? leave a comment and tell us.

Before you go check out what another author's favorite decade is, let me share with you one of my favorites. P.J. Fiala, the organizer of this hop,(Thank you Patti!) writes great romances with a motorcycle twist. You can check them out at PJ Fiala

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