Sunday, April 16, 2017

Learning Something New #OpenBook Blog Hop

I'm a firm believer in the idea that you're never too old to learn something new. There's several things I've wanted to learn but haven't for one reason or another.

I grew up around guns.  Hunting rifles, mostly. My dad and brothers went deer hunting every year and some years were even successful. They weren't trophy hunting, and the meat was put to good use. But for whatever reason, none of us girls were ever included. Still, I would hang out while they cleaned their guns and wonder if I'd ever get the chance to shoot one.

After I got married, I finally had the opportunity. I went target shooting with my husband. (the targets being soda cans) and he handed me his shotgun. He helped me get it in the right position and aim and showed me how to pull the trigger. I shot it, and missed. The kickback practically knocked me over and I ended up with a big old bruise on my shoulder and I haven't tried it again. But I'd like too. Maybe I'd even get it right.

What I did try recently (after all these years!) is shooting a handgun. I had much better luck with that and even managed to hit a somewhat small target after a couple of tries. (That's not me in the picture. No pictures exist of the moment.)  I know how to load the gun and switch clips. Next time the gun needs cleaned, I'm going to be the one doing it. (Under hubby's supervision, of course!)

Hitting the target made me feel like the heroines in one of my books, strong and confident, ready to take on the world. Or the femme fatale in a mystery. Or a little like Annie Oakley. (I have the hat!) Once the weather is better and our schedules calm down, I'm ready to try again.

So what is it you want to learn? You can tell us in the comments. And to find out what the other authors have to say—you know the rest—follow the links below!

April 17, 2017
What Would You Love To Learn How To Do?
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  1. Shotguns are hard. You have to tuck them in close to your shoulder and padding helps. Or you can shoot from the hip and let the air behind you take the recoil. It's time for my annual bruising actually. It's bear season here in Alaska and there's no bear more dangerous than one that's just woke up from a winter's nap, maybe with cubs. We're probably headed to our cabin site next weekend, so we'll stop at a gravel pit on the way out and fire the shotgun a few times each, just so when it counts we're ready for the recoil. With bear, you always have to be ready to take that second shot. And, yeah, I'll come home with bruises.

    1. There's supposed to be a "sweet spot" in your shoulder blade where you rest the shotgun. My husband couldn't find mine. :( So I had no idea of the best place to put it.

  2. I've not mastered, nor tried all that hard to, master the shot gun. But we have concealed carry in our state and I feel if I am going to carry, I need to be good with my gun. So, we practice with our guns several times a year. Its the only way to stay accurate and in practice. Get your Annie Oakly on!!!!!!!