Monday, April 3, 2017

Favorite Paintings #Open Book Blog Hop

Joyce Kilmer said "I think that I will never see
                               A poem lovely as a tree"

I believe that extends to paintings as well. No matter how good an artist is, no painting can be as good as an original piece of art created by nature. And yes, I am aware of the "hyper realistic" art movement, and am awed by the skill of the talented individuals who create those works of art.
Here's one by Franco Clun. It's a pencil drawing, believe it or not.

No matter how much I admire well-done art, I prefer to spend my spare time in the out-of-doors, where the beauty comes in unexpected moments. Like a hawk perched on a hunk of carrion alongside the road, or a herd of elk grazing in a field. A salmon leaping out of a river, streaming sparkling drops of crystal-clear water. A gentle snow fall covering a cluster of pine trees.Snow covered mountain peaks reflected in a still lake.

So my apologies to all the wonderful artists who have given us gorgeous works of painted poetry. What they create are marvelous expressions of the human spirit. But I'll take the paintings of Mother Earth over them any day.

To find out the favorite paintings of our other authors, follow the links below.

April 3 – our favorite paintings
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