Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Week #OpenBook Blog Hop

Easter weeks holds a multitude of meanings, depending upon your beliefs and your background. It can be anything from a time of sorrow commemorating Jesus' death merging into a celebration of the Resurrection to a way of welcoming the arrival of Spring. I've seen the holiday from a variety of points of view.

Growing up in a religious family, we observed all the rituals associated with Easter. Everything from Ash Wednesday to Lent to Good Thursday and Good Friday. (There seemed to a thunderstorm every Good Friday afternoon.) We'd color eggs on Saturday. And of course, Easter was more than candy and eggs.We started with Easter services and our Easter baskets afterward. Lunch was a big family dinner.

But as it happens, kids grow up and leave home. Sometimes they move so far away they can't make it back for holidays. And chances are, they make their own traditions.

I don't do colored eggs anymore. It's a practical thing. Hard-boiled eggs are no longer a special treat. I can have one anytime I'm in the mood, and there's no little ones around to share the coloring process with.

I do look forward to the arrival of spring. Daffodils and tulips brighten the otherwise dull landscape. Lilacs aren't far behind.Trees are in bud and a few are in blossom. Easter means it won't be long until the lawns turn green.

And then there's the candy. Oh, the candy. The Peeps. (Although I stick with standard colors. None of these bright blues for me!) And chocolate eggs  of all varieties. Cheap or expensive, if it's chocolate, its good. Don't forget the jelly beans and robins eggs.

But what's the best part of Easter? I think it's the shift in people's moods. As there is more sunlight and the days are warmer and longer, lots of people become happier. It's as if the world breathes a sigh of relief after making it through winter.

What does Easter mean to you? Find out what the other authors have to say by following the links below. And Happy Easter to you (if you celebrate.)

April 10 – Easter Week - What's the one thing you look forward to most on Easter?
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  1. I was raised in a non-religious household so mainly it's family time for me. But you're right in that Spring is in the air and people are happier. Warmer days are coming in...

  2. I agree in the change of moods, it's a happy time. Happy Easter.