Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Interview with an Alpha—Open Book Blog Hop

Join us each week as our group of authors discuss different topics. This week we're interviewing a character from one of our books. I decided to interview Gavin Fairwood, the hero from Wolves' Pawn and the upcoming Wolves' Knight. And yes, I've interviewed him before and enjoyed it so much I decided to do another,

I met up with Gavin at his office at Fairwood Industries. His tailored dark blue shirt accented his deeply tanned face, but didn't hide his broad shoulders. From the stacks of paper and folders on his desk, it appeared he was in the middle of a major project.

Me: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.

Gavin: My pleasure. It's a good excuse to take a break from all the paperwork.Would you like to take a stroll while we talk? I'd need to stretch my legs.

Me: Of course. (Editor's note: The Fairwood village is made up of neatly-kept and brightly painted Victorian style homes. It's like walking through a Courier and Ives painting.) Did you get to help out on the search for that little boy who was lost a few weeks ago?

Gavin: Only from an organizational level, although I was ready to drop everything if needed. That one had me worried. The daytime temperatures have been warm but nighttime temperatures are dropping below freezing. According to the preliminary information given to the state police, the boy was dressed only in a T-shirt and jeans. If he hadn't been found before dark, there was a good chance he wouldn't have survived the night.

Me: Did one of your group locate him?

Gavin: No, one of his neighbors actually found him asleep in a shed behind his house. We are glad to help whenever we can, but it's always good when we turn out not to be needed.

Me: Would you know anything about the two big doggies the boy claimed found him in the woods and led him to the shed?

Gavin: He must have been dreaming. With an imagination like that, maybe he'll be a writer when he grows up.

Me: Right. Switching topics, tell me about the biggest challenge you're facing as the CEO of Fairwood Industries?

Gavin: The software field is overloaded with start-ups and young companies that make big promises and then can't deliver. We've lost a few customers to young companies. When those companies fold, and the majority will, we'll have to hustle to get them back and hire the employees we need to support them again.

Me: What is the biggest challenge you face as the pack leader?

Gavin: The conflict I feel every time one of our young people leaves. On one hand, I'm proud that they've confident enough to head out on their own. On the other hand, I worry that it weakens the pack. But after the influx of new members we got from Free Wolves, our numbers are actually up. Dot tells me I worry too much.

Me: Speaking of your mate, how is she doing?

Gavin: Working too hard. I keep telling her she needs to let her board of directors take on more responsibility. She feels like to has to know everything that's going on. But then she tells me she's learned by example.

Me: (laughing) Meaning you, of course.

Gavin: I'll admit to nothing. Of course, I'm trying to figure out a way to make her slow down. I'd like to give her a vacation, but I want to take her somewhere she's never been. That's tough, because she traveled all over before settling down here. I don't think she's ever been to either Alaska or Hawaii, so maybe I'll surprise her with a trip to one or both of those states.

Me: There's a rumor going around that you're thinking of running for the position of the Head of the Council. Care to comment?

Gavin: I don't know who your source is, but they're wrong. I've got enough on my plate without taking on additional responsibilities. Besides, Counselor Carlson is doing a fine job. Any other rumors I can squash?

Me: No, but there's a pool at the office taking bets on how soon you and Dot will have a baby. Have you got any inside information you could share with me?

(That was the first time I was ever at the receiving end of Gavin Fairwood's alpha stare, and it was not a fun experience. He didn't answer the question, simply stared at me  until I backed down. It only took a few seconds.)

Me: I withdraw the question. I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I have one final thing to ask. Some of our readers are wondering about Tasha. How is she doing?

Gavin (returning to his normal friendly demeanor) I'm told she's doing well. The time she's spent with the pack in Maine has been a good experience for her. We'll welcome her back whenever she's ready to come home.

Me: (We had returned to the front door of the office building, and Gavin  had glanced at his watch a couple of times. I took the hint.) Thanks for your time. Anything else you'd like to tell your readers?

Gavin: No, but I hear you have some exciting news. Want to share?

Me: I will at the end of this post. Thanks again!


To read Kelly Williams' interview with Captain Maiel from The Shadow Soul, go Here.  This is Kelly's description of the captain:

"Today on the blog I’ll be interviewing Captain Maiel, of Eden, Zion. She’s a commander of a military unit under the designation Moon Order. Her commanding presence, reaching just over seven feet in height is disarming, along with those eyes of lurid blue and brilliant red hair. This doesn’t even mention the wings! Today she is dressed in the plainclothes uniform of her order, a subtle toga-styled gown in cream with the order penannular (that’s a brooch of sorts, fitted with nano-tech that houses her active duty uniform—that uniform is very Greco-Roman in design—see the figure on the left) fixed on her left shoulder. Ever at her side is Leader Argus, a wolf who serves the legions in her unit. Despite his formidable appearance, he is laying by the Captain’s chair as sweetly as a pup."

And now for the big news Gavin hinted at:

Wolves Knight-Tasha's Tale, the follow up to Wolves' Pawn, should be available in early December. Tasha was shipped off to Maine in the middle of the pack wars to recuperate from physical and mental injuries, and to learn new skills in the field of providing security. Here's the working blurb:

 The Free Wolves are under attack.

That's what Dot Lapahie, leader of Lapahie Enterprises, suspects. Tasha, who has been called back from Maine to help in the investigation, isn't so sure. She fears the Fairwood pack may be the real target, and Dot only a decoy. The deeper she digs to find out who is behind the attacks, the more puzzles she uncovers.

But when old enemies arise, will Tasha be willing to risk everything—including her own life—to save Dot and what she stands for?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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