Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Your Favorite Movie? Open Book Blog Hop

Want to find out more about some of your favorite authors? Each week we discuss something different. This week on the Open Book Blog Hop we're talking about movies.

I grew up in the era of drive-in movies. The folks would load us all into the station wagon on one-price-per-car nights and we'd head out. If we got there early, there was a swingset and other equipment in the playground at the base of the screen. Before the movie started, we'd stick the speaker in the window and settle in.

But the first movie that I saw in a sit-down theater is the one that made the biggest impression on me.  It was the re-release of Gone With the Wind. It was the first time that just my mom and us sisters went to a movie by ourselves. A girls' afternoon out, I suppose, back before that became a "thing."

The theater itself was one of those marvelous old buildings with ornate decorations both inside and out. Sadly, it's no longer used a theater, but the exterior of the building still bears witness to it's past glory.

It was the perfect setting to watch that glorious old movie. The velvet covered chairs and the embossed and gilded ceiling seemed to be part of the set of the movie. 

I still remember quite clearly a few of the scenes from the movie. I remember the maid helping Scarlett get tied into her corset, and when she took her wedding ring off to donate to the cause of Southern independence. I remember her tearing the curtains down to make a dress. 

I think that's when I first started my love affair with bad boys. Rhett was handsome and suave and definitely not the boy you want to take home to your mother.  But you could tell he really loved Scarlett, and that made him even more desirable. And that smile of his—it's still swoon worthy!

You can find out what other authors have to say by following the links below. Or you can start HERE with Nichole Sorrell's  entry in this week's hop. Check out her book while you're there. Isn't that a great cover? 

Tell us about your favorite movie in the comments.

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