Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Quality vs Quantity—Open Book Blog Hop

Welcome to the Open Book Blog Hop where you can find out more about a merry group of authors. This week we're discussing quality vs quality.

Many years ago, the Boy Scouts in my hometown sold Hershey candy bars at Christmas time. No, not the little bars you buy in the grocery store, but 5 lb. ones. Yes, 5 pounds. That's a heck of a big candy bar. Of course, when it was being shared among eleven or more  people, it didn't last long. But to a little kid's eyes, it was amazing.

But I enjoyed the little candies we got in our stockings better. For one thing, they were mine and I didn't have to worry about sharing them. For another, we got a variety of candy and I could enjoy the different flavors over the course of the holidays. If you had asked me quality vs quantity as a child, I would have immediately voted for quantity. Of course, I hadn't been introduced to the concept of fine chocolate.

In my teens I started to understand the idea of quality. I started to notice the difference in clothing, with the more expensive and better quality clothing generally fitting better and looking better when worn. However, I didn't care much about clothes and was hard to fit, so I ended up with what my parents could afford and it didn't bother me.

Mostly, however, I translated the idea of quality to my school work. I liked school and my teachers and wanted to shine. I put a lot of effort in the papers we were assigned and and even my homework. My reward was good grades. I suppose it was a combination of quality and quantity throughout my high school years.

When I was a newlywed, we didn't have much money. There was a lot of "making do" and "stretching" what we had to make it last as long as possible. During those years it
was definitely a case of quantity over quality. I learned to grow, can, and freeze my own food during those years, so sometimes the quality came as an added benefit to the struggle. Someplace I have a recipe for a mean refrigerator strawberry jam although I haven't made it for years. (We grew our own strawberries. Talk about quality! Can't do that where we live now.)

Now that I'm older (cough) and have a little more money, I can appreciate quality more than quantity. I still appreciate chocolate candy, but my taste runs to slightly more expensive brands. I find it takes less of a richer chocolate to satisfy my urge for sweets. I'm an avid reader, and I find I like books that I can take my time reading because I enjoy the skill of the writer over reading as fast as I can. And I don't mind spending a little more money on good quality clothes because they'll last me longer.

So quality vs quantity? Quality is the winner in the long run.

So do you go for quality or quantity? Let us know in the comments!

To find out what author Stevie Turner has to say, drop by her blog. Stevie Turner.  You can find her books on Amazon Stevie's Author Page and at other retailers. 

Pilates Class

Roger is a down-to-earth builder type, Judy is the harassed single mother of four teenage boys, and Thelma is a librarian who usually looks as though she's been sitting on a wasps' nest for most of her life. Neville is on the lookout for a woman (any woman will do), and Julian just wants to be young again. Edie is the wrong side of 70, and Roz is a size zero fitness queen. 

These characters, together with one very overweight Alice, all meet up for the first time at their local Pilates class. Petra, the class instructor, has no idea what she has let herself in for! 

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