Monday, April 23, 2018

Bookshelves and Reading Nooks #OpenBook Blog Hop

Is there such a thing as a bookworm who doesn’t appreciate photos of cozy reading nooks or gorgeous bookshelves?

I've got three full size bookshelves in my writing area. They are pretty well packed, although not necessarily only with books. (There's also my collection of LP's. And computer parts.) But the house is in transition now, so no pictures.

To appease the blogging gods, I went looking for a few dream spots for reading. Everyone has a different idea of what that means. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

I love the way this one looks—the combination of light and dark, the wood and the tree. Unfortunately, it doesn't look all that comfortable. No good back support for long reading sessions.

This one is better. All that space for books, and the fireplace is great. (but where's the chair to sit in front of the fireplace?) And I love the window seat, but again, if you put your legs up on the seat and lean against the wall, your back will start hurting before long.

What's the deal with blocking off the bottom shelf in this one? And if you stand on the bed to reach the top shelves, you'd better find something better than than antlers to hang onto.

This looks comfortable, but where's the bookshelf?

This one isn't bad, but I'd replace the knickknacks with books. At least there are enough pillows that you should be able to get comfortable.

So I didn't find the "perfect" reading nook. But what it comes down to is the perfect spot is wherever you can find a place to sit down, open a book, and ignore the rest of the world, even for a few minutes.So find your favorite spot, open up your copy of Wolves' Gambit, and read away, while I head off to see what the other authors are sharing.

April 23, 2018 - Images of reading nooks or bookshelf designs.
Is there such a thing as a bookworm who doesn’t appreciate photos of cozy reading nooks or gorgeous bookshelves? We think not, and have found success rounding up these types of bookish images. Choosing a particular season or unifying theme helps to keep the content focused and repeatable, like outdoor reading nooks or DIY bookshelves. Pinterest and Instagram are great channels to repurpose this image-based content.

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