Monday, April 9, 2018

Books to Read #OpenBook

April 9, 2018 – Recommend books to your readers in your genre(s).

Here's the thing. I try not to read books from my genres while I'm writing in that genre. And as I usually have a project going in both series at the same time, that means I rarely seek out new authors on those genres, and that most of my reading is in other genres.

There is one writer I'd like to recommend from the cozy mystery category. Jenna Bennett, the author of the Cutthroat Business series, is a hybrid writer. That means she writes and publishes as an indie, but also sells her stories to major publishing companies (sometimes using a different name.)

But back to the Cutthroat Business books. (also known as the Savannah Martin mysteries.) I read A Cutthroat Business, the first book in the series, long before I ever thought of writing a mystery myself. So, it's earned an exemption from my rule about not reading in my genre. Besides, I love the overall story line and most of the books. Jenna is up to number fifteen  now, Home Stretch, but she's also written a couple of novellas in the series as well as books outside of the series.

While not each of her books is gold, at least they are silver. And since I've grown fond of her characters, I'll keep on reading.

Interesting side note: Jenna has changed the covers of her first books several times. I don't know if that has helped her sales or not.

The second series I'm going to recommend are also mysteries. If you read this blog regularly, you already know I'm a fan of Craig Johnson and the Longmire books. Again, I liked the earlier books more than I like the later ones. (He's up to number thirteen.) I think he's gone more commercial, whether it's because he was spending more time on the TV show or under pressure from his publishing company, I don't know. Still, his books are worth the read, and I support him as a Wyoming writer.

Interestingly enough, most of the books I've read lately are romances. That's one genre I've tried and failed to write. Sure, all my books have a romantic element, but they aren't pure romance. That's very true for my newest book, Wolves' Gambit. The action takes precedence over the romance. (It's there. Maybe not where you expected it.)

So there are my recommendations. Let's head over to the other authors and see what they are reading.

April 9, 2018 – Recommend books to your readers in your genre(s).

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