Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stories Of Sun, Sand & Sea- Mistletoe and Palm Trees #MFRWHooks

Love on the Dunes is my contribution to the collection Stories of Sun, Sand & Sea- Mistletoe & Palm Trees.  In this scene, Carena Galloway, my heroine, is confronted by a stalker.

     What had she been thinking? Carena opened the door of the portable toilet to find a familiar face glaring at her. There was no way past the hulk lurking in the shadow, blocking her way. Jack Smith had found her, and the scowl on his face didn't help at all.
     “You got the pictures,” he growled. “I expect them in my email by tonight.”
     “First of all, Mr. Smith,” Carena raised her hands and made air quotes, “They aren't your grandparents. Second, I never agreed to give you any pictures. Third, you can't afford to pay what I charge for my services as a photographer. Last but not least, I'm tired of you bothering me. So why don't you run along to whatever hole you hide in and leave me alone?”
     One corner of his top lip curled up. “Brave words, girly. I can make your life hell if you don't give me what I'm asking for. You'll cooperate if you know what's good for you.”

     “And I suggest you get out of my way.” Carena sized him up. He was a good fifty pounds heavier and several inches taller than her. Chances of pushing him out of the way were slim. She took a deep breath and shifted her feet in the sand that covered the concrete block, looking for solid footing.

Stories of Sun, Sand & Sea - Mistletoe & Palm Trees. "Makes for ten holiday celebrations like none other. Sunny skies. Check. Palm Trees. Check. Beaches. Maybe. Family. Sometimes. Love and Romance. Double Check. Scrumptious food and a few cocktails. Triple Check. Murder. At least one.

Ten novellas written with heart felt holiday spirit that will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, warmth to your soul, intrigue to your psyche, with just enough romance to make you wish for more.

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  1. Nice excerpt. Hope she can catch him off gurar,

  2. Thanks! She has a trick or two up her sleeve.

  3. Bad place to be caught off guard (portable toilet). Go Carena!

    1. Sometimes I feel bad about the predicaments I put my characters into. Sometimes! :)