Monday, November 6, 2017

Interview with Jake #OpenBook Blog Hop

Today I'm interviewing Jake Hennessey, who appears in the Oak Grove Mysteries. I ran into Jake at one of the small corner bars in Oak Grove when I was there on other business. And I mean literally ran into him. I had my face buried in my phone texting my mother and wasn't watching where I was going when I bumped into him. I knew who he was because of my previous interview with Harmony Duprie, the main character of my Oak Grove Mysteries. Of course, I offered to buy him a beer to replace the one that got spilled. And to keep him company while he drank it since he was alone. Which was surprising, because I noticed other women in the bar eyeing him the whole time we were together.

After we got introductions and pleasantries out of the way, and after I bought him a second beer, I got down to business. He agreed to answer my questions as long as I didn't ask about any of his legal issues. I reluctantly agreed.

Me: So is this your night off or are you still job hunting?

Jake: It's the middle of the week, so I have the night off. The club I'm working for doesn't get enough business to justify a bouncer except on weekends. Luckily, they let me bartend a few nights too, but when I'm not working I like to scope out the competition.

He flashed a toothy grin and I couldn't help but smile back. His eyes followed a waitress as she wandered past.

Jake: (with a wink.) I especially like checking out the staff at the competition. The waitresses at the club are off-limits.

Me: Your rule or theirs?

Jake: By mutual agreement. They're fun to flirt with, but I wouldn't want any of them to think I was seriously interested in them.

Me: Is there anyone you are interested in?

Jake: Nope. I'm still letting my broken heart heal after being dumped by Harmony. (He thumped his fist against his chest, and flashed his grin again. I wasn't sure whether to take him seriously so I switched topics.

Me: I know you've traveled a lot. What is your favorite city?

Jake: San Francisco. So many cool old houses. A lot of them have been restored, but there are still more falling apart. I wish I had the money available to buy a couple and fix them up.

Me: Doesn't Oak Grove have houses needing restored?

Jake: Sure. But the real estate market here is slow, and there's no guarantee I'd be able to sell them at a profit. In San Fran, they'd get gobbled up in a heartbeat. Besides, no one there knows my reputation and I could start over again. Oak Grove is too small for that.

Me: So why do you stick around?

Jake (shrugging his shoulders) : For Harmony. She needs someone to look after her. That girl attracts trouble like no one else I've ever known. Me included, of course, but at least I'm trying to make up for it. I wish Eli was here to take care of her, but he's too busy down in Florida.

I notice him studying my ring and knowing his reputation as a jewel thief, moved my hand into my lap. He shook his head, smirked, and took a drink of his beer.

Jake: See what I mean? Even you do it. I can't admire someone's jewelry without them getting all uptight. Nice ring, by the way. Was it passed down to you? Looks antique.

Me: Thanks. It was my grandmother's. And sorry about that.

Jake: Yeah, I'm used to it, unfortunately. By the way, you might want to ask someone to check the setting of the opal. It looks loose. I'd hate for you to lose the stone.

Before I asked him how he could tell, he downed the rest of his beer and stood.

Jake: I'm headed out. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Tell Harmony hi if you see her again.

Then, without a backward glance, he swaggered to the front door of the bar,  without even stopping to flirt with a waitress, and disappeared.

The Oak Grove Mysteries are available here  or check out the My Books page of this blog.

And now that I've managed to offend Jake, I'm going to finish my beer and go check out the character interviews by the rest of the authors.

November 6, 2017 – Pick a character from one of your books and interview him or her.
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  1. As someone who doesn't interview my characters except for this blog hop, I'm enjoying seeing the different ways authors do this.

  2. Find doing character interviews is a good way to dig deeper into, lear more about my characters and find their voice.

    1. I had to be careful in this interview. Jake is up to something and I'm not sure what it is. He plays the long con. I guess I'll figure it out when I write the next book!