Monday, August 7, 2017

Changes #OpenBook Blog Hop

I admit it. I'm an old fart. I've seen a lot of changes in my lifetime.

Let's start with technology. I remember punch card computing. I didn't actually do it, but I knew about it. By the way, did you know they used to make wreaths out of used punch cards?

Solitaire was played with cards. Multi-player games meant you sat at a table or on the floor and and played Monopoly or Mousetrap or Candyland with your friends and family.

I remember the days of modems and BBSs and having to make sure you didn't use the phone when you were on line. I remember fan-folded paper and dot-matrix printers. I remember copy machines that used rolls of paper. You could only make one copy at a time and you had to cut the paper after each copy. Better than having to type on three-copy paper and praying you didn't make a mistake.

I remember the days of party lines for your phone. (You shared a line with your neighbors, and only one person could talk at a time.) You didn't share a phone number, just the line on the poles. You paid for long distance calls by the minute. I remember the first mobile phones. (They didn't fit in your pocket!) and the different variations of the cell phones. Oh, and when cell phones only made calls. Texting wasn't a thing unless you had a pager.

Thanks to Redrum0486 for the image

I watched the first moon landing on T.V. and have seen numerous launches of the space shuttle from my front yard when I lived in Florida. (As well as other rockets.)

Just for fun, let's throw in a few non-technology memories.

Country music was Country-Western and the singers wore cowboy hats. Remember Roy Rogers and Dale Evans? Rock was still finding its way. The Beatles were hot and hair bands weren't a thing, let alone disco. Auto-tune? Ha!

When you colored, you used crayons or colored pencils, not markers. (The 64 color box with a built in sharpener was every kid's dream.)  And adults would have felt silly buying a coloring book for themselves. But you could paint-by-number.

What will the other authors on the hop remember? I'm off to find out. But you can share your memories in the comments!

August 7, 2017 – List some of the things that you have seen change or develop in your lifetime.
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