Sunday, February 19, 2017

Relaxation #OpenBook Blog Hop

What's my go-to relaxation? Come on, anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis already knows the answer. You guessed it. Hanging out in the mountains somewhere while listening to music. John Denver being the musician of choice most often, but classic rock runs a close second.

I considered talking about something totally different to throw everyone off, but why bother.

So put on your headset, listen to some tunes, and take a look at a new batch of pictures from the last couple of weekends.

One more to remind us that spring isn't too far away. 

I hope you're feeling a little more relaxed. I know I am.

How do you relax? You can tell me in the comments. And to find out what the others on the hop do to relax, follow the links. 

Feb. 20 - What's Your Go-To Relaxation?
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  1. Very nice P.j. I love John Denver as well. His music is feel good and happy.

  2. John Denver made some excellent music while he was with us.