Sunday, February 12, 2017

Love-What is it? #OpenBook Blog Hop

This week, just in time for Valentine's Day, we're talking about love—what is it?

According to, it's  a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. or
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. or
sexual passion or desire. But what does that really mean?

Poets and philosophers throughout the ages have tried to find the words that best explain the emotion. I'm included. Remember, before I turned to fiction, I wrote poetry. So, in honor of the holiday, here's a poem I wrote ages ago.

        Serenade for an Insomniac

       The faucet in the bathtub in dripping
       The heater clicks as it turns off.
       And on,
       And off.
       The clock is ticking time away,
       The waterbed sloshes as I toss uneasily,
       Then you turn to me
       And between snores, murmur sleepily,
       "I love you."
       Suddenly, it's a midnight rhapsody.

 While Valentine's Day celebrates romantic love, there are many other kinds of love. The love of a parent for a child. The love between siblings. The love of nature. The love of self. The love of humanity.  For some, the love of God.

I occasionally tease my husband that he's my second love and my first love is the mountains. I think this poem expresses it well.

      Beartooth Mountain Pass

      I stand at the edge of eternity
      Where the mountains and sky mingle
      In a curious cacophony of watercolours
      Where granite boulders
      With a furious freedom, defy gravity,
      Hang in precarious unbalance
      And do not fall
      Where winter snows linger
      Alongside short lived summer flowers

      Where the world falls away from my feet
      I teach myself to breath again
      12000 feet high

You can tell me what love means to you in the comments. To find out what out other authors think love is, follow the links below.

February 13, 2017 - Love - what does it mean to you. How do you show your loved ones love?
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  1. I can't imagine being surrounded by mountains. Where I live the land is flat for miles and miles. It's called 'The Land of Skies'. Do you go mountaineering?

    1. I did as a youngster. I don't think my body would handle it anymore.

  2. I just love the mountains where you live. I've told Gene more than a few times that I fell in love again in Wyoming/Montana and I'd love to live there. Thanks for the poems.

  3. We thought about retiring in Red Lodge but we're still looking. Red Lodge is too touristy.