Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Resolutions— #OpenBook Blog Hop

Happy New Year! We've made it to 2017 and have a chance to start fresh. At least, that's what the pundits tell us. Over and over again. So let's talk about making resolutions.

The experts also tell us we should use the new year to make resolutions. Things about ourselves that we want to change. Butt my question is, why wait?

So the simple answer to the question of "Do you make New Year's resolutions?" is a resounding NO!

I prefer to make my resolutions throughout the year. No waiting for a new year. If I need to make a change in myself, I need to start now, not in a month or two. Or three.

Experience has shown that most people don't keep their resolutions anyway. Ask the experts at the fitness places.

So what is my current resolution that I made before the New Year started? I owe my readers a couple of books, one in each series. I'd like to get them both published during the first half on 2017. I'm this close to finishing the first draft of Wolves' Gambit, then I can go into an editing frenzy for both it and The Baron's Cufflinks.

So do you make resolutions? You can tell me about them in the comments. And to find out what our other authors have to say, check out the links below.

January 2 - New Years resolutions or no? If yes, what are yours? If no, why?
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