Sunday, January 15, 2017

Five Favorite Foods—#OpenBook Blog Hop

We're talking about food this week. Specifically, our five favorite foods. You know, the food you couldn't live without.

Of course, I'm not talking about nutrition-wise. I'm talking comfort food and the oh-my-heavens this is the good stuff type food.

The first thing on my list isn't one particular dish. It's a whole category. Italian. I inherited my love of Italian food from my mother. There's not a drop of Italian heritage in our blood, but we share the tatste for spaghetti and lasagna and fettucini alfredo and pizza and okay, I'll stop now. Just thinking about it makes  me hungry.

Next on the list is homemade chicken and dumplings.Yes, it takes most of the afternoon to make, although it's an easy recipe, but when you finally get to take a bite—YUMM! One helping is never enough.

For number three? On a whole different wavelength, when I'm in the right mood, I enjoy a good chef's salad. The mix of meat, cheese, egg, salad greens and whatever else I want to add can turn a boring salad into something delectable. It's got to have a great dressing, of course. That way I can eat healthy and dangerous at the same time.

For number four—although I'm not from the South originally, I did live there for quite a few years. That gives me an honest claim to the next food on my list. BBQ. Specifically, pulled pork. Of course, it has to have the right sauce. The sauce makes or breaks the dish. It has to be the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. I'm not a big fan of dry rub BBQ, I prefer my meat to be messy when I eat it. Paper-towel messy, preferably. I'm 50-50 on having coleslaw on the sandwich itself. Baby-back ribs come in as a close second in the BBQ category, but the cost drops them out of contention for first place.

I saved the best for last. Number five might not count as a food at all, but I'm including it anyway. Chocolate. Milk chocolate is good, but dark is better. And I don't need any fancy fillings or flavors. Give me a piece of creamy, melt-in-your-mouth plain dark chocolate, and I'm good. For a little while, anyway. But if you want to offer me some chocolate-covered raisins, chances are I won't turn them down. Ditto for just about any chocolate candy bar you name.

So what are your favorite foods? Feel free to let us know in the comments. And to check in with the other authors, click on the links below.

January 16 - list your 5 favorite foods you could not live without
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