Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pillar Post— #OpenBook Blog Hop

"Action with a Touch of Romance"

When I first started writing fiction, I didn't put any thought into a 'brand' or"defining" myself as a writer. I was writing for the joy of getting words on paper and challenging myself to do something new and creative.

It wasn't until I wrote my fourth book that I decided to dive into self-publishing, As I've told a few people, I'm just too damn old to wait around for traditional publishers and agents. Besides, I want my books to be my own, not stories dictated by what a publisher thinks will sell. I'm sure my Free Wolves' series would include sex scenes if I wrote them to industry standards, and I didn't feel the stories needed them.

But around my fifth book, I discovered something about myself. I was better at writing action than romance. Sure. my characters fall in love and look for that 'happily ever after' ending to their stories, but the romance is a subplot. My heroes (both male and female) are busy fighting other battles. Sometimes those battles include fighting for their lives. Who has time for romance when the enemy around the corner wants you out of the way and you aren't even sure who the enemy is?

There are a couple of other common themes in my books. I write stories about strong women. Women who take life's challenges in stride and carry on. That's not to say they won't accept help when they need it. That's part of being strong—knowing when they can't do everything by themselves and there's no shame in accepting help from a friend.

I also have a rule about no cliffhanger endings. When I wrote Wolves' Pawn, I thought it would be a stand-alone novel and I tied up all the loose ends. Or so I thought. Somewhere along the way, Tasha came along, and Wolves' Knight came into being. Again, no cliffhanger ending, everything tied up in a nice neat package. Now I'm working on a third book for the series, tentatively titled "Wolves' Gambit," and it features yet another minor character from Wolves' Pawn. Stay tuned for that one!

The same sort of themes run through my Oak Grove Mysteries, although they are written in a different style. They are much more of a continuing story, although the mystery in each is wrapped up in the end.  (I hate cliffhangers!)  I'd already figured out I wanted them to be a series when I finished the first one, The Marquesa's Necklace, because Harmony, my main character, is such a blast to write. I'm working on the third book in that series as well. (First draft is done, now I'm editing, so it won't be long now!) It'll be called "The Baron's Cufflinks." If you lost track, the second book in the series is Her Ladyship's Ring.

The best part is, ten books later, I'm still writing for fun. Don't strain your brain trying to do the math and figure out that "ten" number. A couple of books that I completed will never see the light of day. Not in their current form, anyway.

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