Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Art of Going Home—Nicole Sorrell

I'm pleased to welcome Nicole Sorrell and the re-release of her book The Art of Going Home.

About Nicole Sorrell:
I currently live in a rural area of the mid-west. After living in various parts of the U.S. and traveling abroad, I recently moved into the very same home where I spent my first 18 years. I enjoy country living: ours is a small community and everyone knows everybody. I also appreciate the culture of the city: the shopping, dining, and the opera and ballet.
I love travelling, especially to other countries, and I speak Spanish. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Literature, and a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. Home decorating is one of my favorite things. Of course I love to read, and I’m a published poet. I like baking pies. Oh, and I like playing cornhole, and I spend way more time than I should playing computer games.
My constant companion is a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Georgie Doodlebug. I call her GiGi.

The Art of Going Home is the newly re-leased first novel in The Art of Living series
“If you want a book with depth, soul and a fantastic plot, as well as a host of intriguing characters and a scorching hot love interest, this one’s for you.” –Eat Sleep Read Review
Maddie dreads going home to face the memories of her dead sister. But she must return to the tiny town after a decade to attend a funeral. As it turns out, the haunting reminders of her twin are the least of her worries...
Not given any details of her sister’s murder at the age of ten, Maddie is persuaded to track down the killer. Following one ominous clue after another, she learns the surrogate family she thought honestly loved her has been hiding the truth of her childhood for eighteen years. As suppressed memories of her past come crashing forward, Maddie begins to doubt everything she once believed. And everybody she thought she could trust.
Including Zac, her high school crush. Though she can’t seem to find the strength to resist their mutual attraction, Maddie isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to forgive his betrayal. As she struggles to come to grips with her family’s past and absolve those who deceived her, will she survive the horrifying discovery of who killed her sister?
With poignancy and clarity, author Nicole Sorrell spins a tale of a young woman’s personal journey as she faces her vulnerabilities and tries to accept the love of a man who may hold the key to her happiness. The story is a testament to the real meaning of family and the enduring strength of a sister’s bond.

During Maddie’s visit to her home town, she and Zac are invited over for dinner by her best friend Tabitha (Tabs). Tabs lives with her boyfriend Randy. While the guys are outside grilling, Tabs and Maddie talk in the living room.
“Where were we? Oh, I remember,” Tabs said when she came back. I was hoping she’d drop it. “I’m concerned about you, honey. I think you’re using sex to prove to yourself that you’re worthy. In the long run, one-night stands once a month won’t make you feel loved.” I didn’t volunteer that it was a lot more often than that. BOB wasn’t enough to replace a flesh-and-blood man, and I found myself wanting the real thing more and more.
“It can make me feel multiple orgasms,” I said, pokerfaced. “And don’t knock the benefits of a good cardio workout.”
She giggled. “I love me some good orgasms as much as the next girl. Believe you me, Randy can rock my world.”
“Then,” I said, attempting to steer the conversation to something else. “Is Randy the one?”
She stared at the ceiling with glazed eyes. “Yes, I think he is.” She snapped out of her daydream and cut me a sharp look. “Don’t change the subject. I know how much Derek hurt you.” I snorted in derision. Saying “Derek hurt you” was like saying an amputation without anesthesia caused minor discomfort. It was during my junior year in college, and I’d dated Derek eight months. I’d been completely in love, trusting him enough to lose my virginity to him. He was less than thrilled when he found out. I was shattered when he’d ended our relationship by saying I’d never completely opened up to him. I’d “never revealed my authentic self” were his exact words. I was deeply depressed for so long, Tabs had talked me into going to counseling my senior year. I promised myself I would never be that vulnerable again. It was a promise I always kept.
I realized she was talking. “…an asshole. That was a long time ago, Maddie. Limiting your relationships to one-night stands? Well, I worry it means you don’t know the difference between having sex and making love.”
Jesus! What is this, a Fix-Madisen Conspiracy? “God, you sound like Zac,” I said. “Why doesn’t anyone think I’m capable of intimacy? If the right guy comes along, I’ll know it.” Yeah, right. You keep telling yourself that. “I’m not going to hold my breath,” I added, decisively.
She leisurely took a sip of wine and concentrated on picking a piece of lint off the pillow. “So,” she said slowly. “I guess by now you heard about Zac and Elaine’s…” She made air quotes. “…engagement?”
What the...? I was taking a sip of wine, and I gagged mid-swallow. The wine went down the wrong way, and my eyes bulged as I coughed uncontrollably, practically suffocating.
She patted me on the back. “I’ll take that as a no.”
My voice was hoarse from the coughing and sudden lump in my throat. “Why didn’t you tell me? Elaine and Zac! Engaged!”
“Oh, they never officially got engaged.” Tabs tossed her long hair over her shoulder, apparently satisfied she was finally making progress. “I don’t know what got into him, maybe temporary insanity. Somehow that witch convinced him to go out with her. It lasted a couple of months. Zac must’ve had some sense knocked into him, because he broke it off. To hear her talk, you’d think they were about to walk down the aisle and say their ‘I do’s.’ I don’t know how he could stand being with her for that long.”
Pouring the last of the wine into my glass while trying to appear unconcerned, I rasped, “When was this?”
“He ended it about ten months ago. She talks bad about him behind his back, but would stoop to anything to get him to go out with her again. As if he would. Like my daddy always said, ‘You can’t shit in one hand and eat out the other.’”
“I guess that explains what she said to him after the vigil. That he knew how to get in touch with her.” My hand flew up to cover my mouth. “Oh my God! Did they sleep together?”

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