Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leap Year—#OpenBook Blog Hop

This week on the blog hop we're talking about Leap Year. It only happens once every four years, so why not?

You've got to admit, Leap Year is weird. What are we celebrating anyway? An extra day? Piffle. How is that any fun? I know, let's celebrate rabbits. or Lords a Leapin'. Or frogs.

But that's right. Easter has already claimed rabbits and Christmas has dibs on Lords a' Leapin'. So frogs it is.

I've liked frogs before Kermit made it popular to be green.

Growing up in the country with a small stream running along the property line, all summer long frogs serenaded me to sleep. Not that I paid much attention, they were part of the standard background music.

I quickly learned that size didn't matter when it came to the loudness of the frog's croak. Although bullfrogs were noisy, so were peep frogs. They were tiny little thing, not even as big as my thumb, but they could raise a ruckus. Especially in large numbers. And there were always lots of them.

There was one summer in particular when I discovered a pond full of frogs in all stages of their growth. Everything from fish-like tadpoles to those with developing back legs to adults. It was a fascinating place to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

As I've moved around the country, I've discovered many kinds of frogs. Everything from tree frogs to spring peepers. So this leap year, here's to frogs in all shapes, sizes and colors. May they leap long and prosper.

To find out what Lela Markham has to say,about Leap Year, head over to her blog at  Lela. Lela Markham is the pen name of an Alaskan novelists who was raised in a home built of books. Alaska is a grand adventure like none other with a culture that embraces summer adventure and winter artistic pursuits.

A multi-genre writer, currently Lela is concentrating on dystopian and fantasy, but you never know what her imagination might get up to. Watch this space.

Lela shares her life with her adventuresome husband, two fearless offspring and a sentient husky who keeps a yellow Lab for a pet.

You can stalk her at:

You can find her books at Lela's Amazon Page

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