Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Who Would I Write a Book About - Open Book Blog

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And now for this week's question: If you had access to all the research in the world you would need, who is the person you would want to write a book about and why?

I really had to think about this one, because I didn't want to go the obvious and easy route. I wanted to pick someone less obvious, less known, and yet still worthy of recognition.I thought back to people I've known and admire.

I had the good luck to have a number of exceptional teachers in high school. One of those, Sister Joan Chittister, went on to become the prioress of the order of nuns that taught at the school. I always knew she was special and unique, but until I started writing this piece, I didn't realize how well-known she's become.

When I was in high school, nuns were transition from their traditional garb to wearing either a more modern version or street clothes. I don't remember her ever wearing the full version as in the picture above, I mostly remember her in street clothes.The next picture could have been taken straight from my yearbook.

She's gone on become a voice for justice, especially for women and children. She's published over 50 books. She's been published in numerous publications, everything from the National Catholic Reporter to the Huffington Post. She's won numerous awards and has her own website Sister Joan Chittister. I never expected that!

So although she's already had books written about her, I'd like to write another one. In fact, since she's still alive, I'd love to interview her. Her philosophies are not what you'd expect from a stereotypical nun. I feel honored to have known her.

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