Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Celebrating the Summer Holidays-Open Book Blog Hop

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This week's question:
How do you celebrate your summer holidays? Who do you celebrate with? Share your rituals, foods, customs and fun.

If you've hopped over here from Traci Wooden-Carlisle's blog, welcome and thanks for coming!  I hoped you took the time to check out here books while you were there. If not, here's a link to her Amazon page. Traci on Amazon

Now for this week's question:
How do you celebrate your summer holidays? Who do you celebrate with? Share your rituals, foods, customs and fun.

I had to really think about this question because we don't have what most people consider a tradition for our summer holidays. For a long time, my husband had a job that required him to work while everyone else celebrated. So I'd spend my days cleaning house, gardening, or working on whatever craft project was my current obsession.

But that's changed now. With the kids grown and my husband no longer in that job, we have a lot more freedom to do whatever we feel like when we wake up on a holiday morning. Since we like to avoid crowds, we can hop into the Jeep and take off down the road with little or no planning, and go exploring down some side ride on a whim, without even consulting a map. And frequently, that's what we do.

We do take our maps with us, so that when we hit a fork in the road, we have some idea where we might end up. We don't always take the road less traveled, because sometimes what we hope to find along the way of the more traveled one is what we're looking for. It's amazing the beauty that exists in out-of-the way places.

So here's some pictures I hope you'll enjoy of the wild places in the Unites States. Yes, they still exist if you're willing to take a chance on a back road in hopes of stumbling across them.

By the way, I should mention that these pictures were taken by my husband. He's got a great eye for capturing what we see on our trips.

So what's our tradition? Find a new road to explore, a new place to spend time in, a new adventure and maybe make some new friends on the way.

Before I leave you with one last shot, don't forget to head over to Stevie Turner's blog and see what her traditions are. You can find her at Stevie Turner. Don't forget to check out her books while you're there.