Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Actor Would Play You- Meet the Author

This week's question was "In the story of your life, who would play you? Who would play your family?"

I've said this before- I rarely watch TV, and hardly ever go to the movies. I don't keep up with the latest news from Hollywood. So I decided to answer this question backwards- if I was an actress, what role would I play? And what roles would my family play?

I'll start with the easy answer- my brothers, sisters, parents and I would play the Walton's. There were 9 of us siblings- yes, nine. (We actually beat the Walton's by one!) Now, I would post one of our group portraits, but one of my brothers doesn't like to have his picture on the internet. So here's a picture of the Walton's instead.

And yes, we were more than a handful for our parents. There were trips to the ER for most of us, and I believe all of us had at least one turn standing in the corner as punishment for some infraction. But we also gave my folks opportunities to be proud with awards earned in school and through volunteer work.

But now we're all grown and most of us have families of our own. So here's the second part of the question. What roles would my husband. kids, and I play?

My husband would be an sheriff in the Old West. He very protective of women and children, has a keen sense of righteousness, and just looks like a character out of a Western. The character Matt Dillon comes to mind.

 My daughter would be a surfer chick from any beach movie, and my son would be the computer genius on a CSI show. And me? 

Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Not that I look anything like Angela Lansbury, or am half as talented, but the character is a great match. A mystery writer actually solving mysteries in "real" life. I enjoyed the show long before I ever found myself writing my own mysteries.

So that's my take on this week's question. To find out what author Ann Popp has to say, head over to her blog. at Ann Popp. And if you have a question you want answered, please leave it in the comments.