Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paranormal Experiences- Meet the Author

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Have any of us had paranormal experiences? Maybe a brief description of one each of us may have had?

I've had a couple. I'll tell you about one.

In high school, we were encouraged to pick intercultural topics for study and create a project based on our studies. Those projects were shared with our classmates and the rest of the school, and one night the public was invited to view our work. It wasn't a competition, but it was a major portion of our grade for the semester.

One year, I chose to study Gypsies. I walked into the project with a fairly romanticized vision of Gypsy life, and most of the material I found back then reinforced that vision to a great extent. I also delved into the traditions of tarot cards and palm reading as a part of the project.

My presentation was based on that aspect of the culture I borrowed a set of tarot cards from a friend, and had a little area where people could come to have their fortunes told.

I never thought anyone would take it seriously. Certainly, I didn't take myself seriously. 

But about two months later, I was approached by a girl I didn't recognize in the public library. She remembered me. She definitely remembered her fortune. I'd read her fortune using tarot cards. One of the cards that came up for her was the mother card. Another was the death card.

She hadn't known it the night I read her fortune, but she had been pregnant. She lost her baby shortly after I read her cards. All I could do was hug her and tell her how sorry I was. I didn't cry until later.

I gave the tarot cards back to their owner as soon as I could, and I've never told anyone's fortune since then. Not even for fun.

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