Monday, July 23, 2018

Wardrobes! #OpenBook Blog Hop

Let's talk wardrobe. Do you gravitate to one color? What is your go to style? What shoes do you prefer?

Once upon a time, I opened to my closet door and realized it was a sea of blue. All blue. I hadn't done it on purpose, and if you had asked me, I would have told you blue wasn't my favorite color. I'm still not sure how it happened. I've never let it happen again.

Now I gravitate to black. On purpose. My entire wardrobe isn't black, but I have a lot of it. On purpose. Especially for work. It's a great basic color that goes well with almost every color, and I don't have to think to hard when I get dressed. Put on a pair of black pants and what ever color shirt I feel like wearing and I'm done. If I want to add an extra punch of professionalism, I can top it off with a black blazer.

Colors I don't have in my closet? Green and gray. I own one green blouse and one gray sweater. I just feel as if both colors don't look good on me. And I love me some nice gray but I'm normally disappointed when I try it on. It doesn't work with my skin color.

Weekends my go-to is blue jeans. (or black jeans.) Depending upon my plan of activities, it's either t-short or a casual top to go with them.  I have more t-shirts than I need, really, but many of them are souvenirs of a trip somewhere, and I hate to get rid of them. I'll keep them until they are worn out.

And my choice of shoes? None. Bare feet are my style. As soon as I get home, the shoes come off. As a kid, each summer I used to walk on the rocks in the driveway to toughen up my feet. As a result, my feet aren't pretty, but I don't care. I can go outside without stopping to put shoes on for a quick trip to the mailbox or to water my flowers.

When I have to wear shoes, tennis shoes are my choice most of the time. Sandals will work as well. (but not the kind that have the piece that goes between your toes. I hate those. Give me a pair of Jesus walkers any day.)  I do own a couple of pairs of dress shoes. Black for work of course, and low heeled. Watching me walk in a pair of stilettos is not something you want to remember.But since I live out west, I had to buy a pair of boots. Not your traditional cowboy boots, but a lace up pair. They were the closet thing I can find to a pair of boots I owned back in my hippie days.

Oh, before I go, I should mention I own a few dresses. I rarely wear them. But at least I have them available for the proper occasion.

Now, let's go find out what the other authors are wearing!

July 23, 2018
Let's talk wardrobe. Do you gravitate to one color? What is your go to style? What shoes do you prefer?

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