Monday, May 14, 2018

Top 5 junk foods #OpenBook Blog Hop

Tell us about your top five junk foods or your top five healthy snacks.

I happen to like chocolate. A lot. It's my "stress" food.
And I'm not terribly picky about what shape or form chocolate comes in. But I do love a good brownie.A good gooey but not raw brownie.

Unfortunately, I can't make good brownies. I blame it on the oven cooking unevenly or not keeping the temperature consistent. Or maybe I don't have a good recipe. And boxed mixes never have quite the right flavor. So when someone who is a better cook than I am offers me a brownie, I won't turn it down. Heck, I won't turn it down even if it's no better than mine!

We're not done with chocolate yet. Second on my list are chocolate chip cookies. I like mine a bit on the thicker side so the middle are soft. I'm good with throwing in nuts and chunks of chocolate, something a bit more tasty than normal chocolate chips. I'm even good with white chocolate in my cookies.

I could go on with the chocolate theme but it's time for a little variety. How about ice cream? As a teenager, I worked for a short time in an independent ice cream shop. I  got to order the different flavors of ice cream from an small dairy and make all sorts of goodies With no corporate rules to follow, the customers could mix and match whatever flavors and toppings they wanted. Some of the creations were works of art. And of course, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top were standard. But I got spoiled and it's hard to find ice cream that matches the flavor from that dairy (that doesn't exist anymore.)

Moving along and avoiding chocolate...jelly beans! Even the black ones! All year long, not just as Easter. I know they aren't calorie free, but somehow they seem "healthier" than most other candies.

And we're down to number five, and I can't resist. More chocolate. Dark chocolate, specifically. give me a chunk of good, rich, dark chocolate. I won't name any brands, but you can sure tell me your favorite brand of chocolate in the comments! Maybe there's one out there I haven't tried yet.

While I'm waiting, let's check out the other authors top five.

Tell us about your top five junk foods or your top five healthy snacks.