Monday, January 1, 2018

What the New Year Holds #OpenBook Blog Hop

Even though I don't set resolutions, I love starting the new year with hope and optimism. I live by the seat of my pants since life has taught me to not plan too far ahead, but there are a few writing things I've got going in the new year.

First, I need to get Wolves' Gambit, the third book in the Free Wolves series, edited and released by April. I haven't set an exact day, but April is the goal. I'm really happy with the story. Here's the working blurb:

Wolf-shifter Lori Grenville was rescued from near-slavery and an overbearing pack leader by a member of the Free Wolves. To pay back the favor, she's dedicated her life to helping others in the same situation, leading shifters to safety and a new start, risking her life in the process. She's faced down alphas and has no qualms in undermining pack structure.

Now she's challenged with the task of restoring an alpha to his rightful place. If she gets it right, she can stop a war from ripping apart two packs and spreading across an entire state. If she fails in her mission, she'll be among the first to die.

There's still the option of walking away and letting the the Jaeger and Destin packs destroy each other. That means she'll fail in her original mission of rescuing the daughter of the Jaeger alpha before the girl is forced into marriage for political gain.

Lori hasn't failed in a mission yet. This one may be the exception.

No cover yet—I've got to get with my cover artist and start planning.

Then in June, I'll be participating in Wild Deadwood Reads.

It's a combination of an authors' and a readers' event, and I'm looking forward to the experience. First time experience for me.

Lastly, I've got the next book in the Oak Grove Mysteries floating around the back of my head. I'm going to try real hard to write Jake out of this one, but the man doesn't know when to leave. He always worms his way back into the stories. You know he's going to turn bad again one of these days, and it'll break Harmony's heart when it happens.

So that's my big writing plans for 2018. Maybe I'll throw in some local events, but that remains to be seen. And whatever you plan for the New Year, may you find joy and peace in what you do.

January 1, 2018 – What are you most looking forward to this coming year?

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