Monday, December 11, 2017

Writing Parallels #OpenBook Blog Hop

When I wrote Wolves' Pawn, I didn't set out to create a manifesto on women's place in today's society. All I wanted to do was write a story about wolf shifters with a strong female lead that defied the conventions of the genre.

Well, that's only partly true. I did want to write a strong female lead. The rest just sorta happened because that's the way Dot, my heroine, wanted it.The fact that she refused to go along with patriarchal pack expectations was true to her history.

I could see Dot taking part in the Woman's March (if she wasn't too busy running her company!) She hasn't met a glass ceiling yet that she couldn't break. And I bet she and Gavin would have more than one heated discussion as he tried—and failed—to get her to moderate her views in favor of keeping peace among the traditionalists of the pack. Dot, of course, would stay true to her personal beliefs.

Although I haven't figured out birth control for shifters yet, (Human methods are only 50% effective), I'm pretty darn sure Dot is using it. And the insurance plan she provides for her employees covers it too. Come to think of it, much of their medical care is free because they make use of the doctor who is contracted with the Fairwood pack. Not true socialized medicine, but close.

Then there's the school that Dot's company supports. None of the kids who attend pay a dime and they even get fed and clothed and help finding jobs when they graduate. And this book was written several years before the most recent US presidential election!

Although I'd guess her politics were more conservative, Tasha of Wolves' Knight also plays havoc with the traditional female role in paranormal romances. And wait until you meet Lori in Wolves' Gambit, the third book in the Free Wolves series. (the one I'm working on now.) There's no doubt in my mind where she'd be on the political spectrum.

So yes, I'm rather proud of my characters.They stand up for themselves in a male-dominated society under all sorts of circumstances. And succeed.

Now that I'm done bragging about my "friends," let's go see what everyone else is talking about. (Oh, and if you're interested in buying my books, head here for the links to get them.

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