Monday, October 2, 2017

Favorite Charity #OpenBook Blog Hop

I suppose some people wouldn't consider my favorite charity as a charity at all. They consider it more of a club, but it couldn't exist without contributions from lots of people.

I grew up wearing brown and then green with this organization. As a teen, I spent summers as both a volunteer and a paid employee working for this group. I was lucky enough to be able to move on to being an adult volunteer first and a paid employee later.

It was with this group that I learned my love of nature. The trees, the hills, the sun and the rain. I learned how to build fires and how to put them out. I hiked trails and helped build them where none existed.

I learned self-reliance and child care and how to manage money. Through this organization, I got to  explore cities and places where I'd never traveled before.I got to have relationships with adults that weren't my parents and be more of an adult myself. And yes, I sold cookies.

It was on a camping trip with this group that I first decided I wanted to grow my hair long. One of the adults on the trip-another girl's grandmother- always wore her hair in a braid that was wrapped into a bun. Very old fashioned. But one morning she took it down to comb it out and it was the longest, most beautiful silver hair I'd every seen. I'll have hair like that some day.

So here's to the Girl Scouts. Still my favorite charity. I know they've been having some tough times lately, but I hope they stick around for years to come.

Now let's go find out what charities the other authors like.

October 2, 2017 – Talk about your favorite charity and why it’s your favorite?
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