Monday, July 24, 2017

Life Lessons #OpenBook Blog Hop

Life Lessons In IT

People have interesting misconceptions about folks who work in IT. They think we spend our days in nerf gun battles or discussing the latest sci-fi movie release. And like many stereotypes, there is some truth to the stories.

What people don't see is the behind-the-scenes teamwork. Sure, I work with a bunch of geniuses, but we are better in resolving problems as a group than as a bunch of individuals. They (thankfully) are not Sheldon Cooper type narcissists and know how to work together in a crisis. In fact, I'd say that they are actually fairly humble.

A major system goes down in the middle of the night? All hands on deck. That doesn't mean we actually have to get dressed thanks to the joys of being able to remote in and a dedicated conference line to have a group conversation. But if the network is down, there won't be any need for the boss to order people to come in. They'll already be there.

Another thing people don't understand is that IT is not just one area of knowledge. it's a whole conglomerate of specialties. There's networking and servers and help desk and operating systems and security and programs and ...okay, I'll stop now. Everyone in IT has to be part of the effort to keep things running smoothly for the end users.

IT can look like this:

Or, with good teamwork, like this:

Both get the job done, but one with more success than the other.

So what can people learn from what I do? The answer is simple. Teamwork.

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  1. Thank goodness for IT guys. The world would stop turning without you.

  2. I've often had to call out IT at the hospital where I work. They are a very busy department!

  3. I kiss the ground before our IT folks' feet. Without them, I can't do my job.

  4. Well, you just debunked my nerf gun theory.

    1. Don't be too disappointed. There is a variety of nerf guns in the office. Every now and then, we break them out!