Monday, June 26, 2017

Sage Advice #OpenBook Blog Hop

As many of you know, I'm an IT geek (information technology)  by day and a writer by night. But unlike most people in the IT field, I didn't touch my first computer until I was over thirty. Yes, I remember the days BEFORE Windows.

But along the way, I was in a job where they were just beginning to convert to computers. We all got some basic computer training and sent along our merry where to put the magic to work—with varying levels of success.

But lo and behold, I found out I was actually GOOD at this stuff. Pretty soon I was helping my coworkers figure out how to make things work. When circumstances decreed that it was time for me to change fields, I decided computers were the way to go. And off to school I went, to learn the ins and outs of personal computers, servers, and networking.

I was lucky enough to get some very talented professors along the way. And they were tickled to have a "mature" student in their classes, who was genuinely interested in learning and didn't think she knew it all already. Many of the classes I'd be one of two or three females in a class of twenty-five and that made me stand out even more.

It was one of those wonderful teachers who gave—not just me but the entire class—the words I remember and pass along whenever I can. "A bad day in IT is better than a good day at McDonalds."*

How right he was. That emergency call at midnight when something breaks? Better than smelling french fries all day. Dealing with that user who just doesn't get it no matter how many times and how many ways you try to tell them how to fix their problem? Better than standing on your feet for an eight hour shift. Having to learn new technologies to stay ahead of the game? Way better than having to learn how to put together the newest sandwich on the market.

Thankfully I ended up in a job that I really love, working for a boss that really cares about the employees he manages. Still. there are days when nothing seems to go right and no matter how hard I try, the computers don't want to cooperate. And that's when I have to remind myself ... better than McDonalds! *

Now on to follow the links below and see what the rest of the authors have to say!

* No offense to those of you who work at McDonalds and love it. I did a stint in fast food and it's just not my thing.

June 26, 2017 – What Advice Has Stuck With You For A Long Time? And Who Gave You That Advice?
Did someone give you some great advice at a certain time in your life? Think back to that time and write down the advice as you remember it.
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  1. Great advice there, and I must agree. Well done for getting your head around computer technology. My husband does the same thing for a living - he loves it.

  2. My jobs have always interfaced with computers ... the personal computer came out when I was in college (I too remember the days before Windows). I truly appreciate the IT people who have here at work because they know more about their field than I do. Couldn't do my job without them.

  3. Fabulous way to look at it. Great advice and probably could be said about most fields.

  4. You need to make a pretty meme out of that advice and post it at work. It's a great one, because even without having heard that myself, I know I think back on the other jobs I have had and remind myself of how much better I have it now. That teacher did his students a real service by putting that thought in their (and your) head.

    1. I've shared it in conversation at work during a "bad" day. (more than once!) Normal reactions are sighs and vigorous nodding of heads!