Monday, May 15, 2017

What Inspires Me- #OpenBook Blog Hop

What inspires me?

I bet you think you know the answer. And I'm betting you're right. I can answer in one word.


If you said the mountains, that's close enough. I'll give you full credit. But it's so much more than the mountains. It's the flowers and trees and sky and wind. It's the grass beneath my feet and the birds flying overhead. It's sunshine and rain and snow, creeks and rivers and lakes and oceans.
It's sand between my toes at the beach and the dirt stuck under my fingernails after I've been gardening.

It's the redwoods stretching into eternity and the aspens quaking in the breeze. It's dandelions in the spring and black-eyed susans in the summer. It's the robins chirping early in the morning and crows calling in the heat of the afternoon. It's the thunder rumbling from miles away and far-off lightening flashing in the darkness.

It's the smell of freshly-cut hay and the subtle scent of apple blossoms. It's the sweet-sharp flavor of  just-picked wild strawberries and the tang of spearmint plucked in the shadow of old oak. It's the prick of the thorn on a rose stem and the soft, velvet-like petals on the rose itself.

And yes, it's the mountains. The peaks covered in snow in the dead of winter and glistening with thousands of beams of reflected sunlight or in the height of summer, swathed in green. It's the rugged tops calling to me from the distance and the welcoming meadows up close.

And that's what inspires me. Nature feeds my soul and makes me who I am. How about you?

May 15, 2017 – What Inspires You?
This is an easy question that opens up for some awesome creative post ideas. And why do those things inspire you?
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  1. I'm inspired even as I read your blog without seeing any of it! Lovely post.

  2. Minute details to the grandeur of the Rockies. Like you, I live in a place that just awes and yet, yes, it is often the things beneath the majesty that inspire the most.

  3. I can picture you walking around the mountains and enjoying it all.