Monday, March 6, 2017

My Favorite Job #OpenBook Blog Hop

This week we're talking about our favorite non-writing job. Before I begin, I have to disclose that i know my current manager frequently reads this blog. (Hi, bossman!) Although the job I have now is way up there on the list of good jobs, I can't honestly say it's the best one I've ever held. There are two others that compete for that honor.

At the top of the list would be the summer I spent as a counselor at a Girl Scout camp. Although the girls attending camp came and went in one or two week cycles, the staff that ran the camp stayed all summer long. We slept in tents, cooked over open fires, (and ate in the mess hall) and spent our days hiking and swimming and making crafts along with the girls we were in charge of. The best part was we got paid for it!

My fellow counselors were a great group of ladies and young women. Some were returning and old hands at the experience, others were young and untested like me. Two were from overseas—one from Nigeria, one from Holland. Working together, we found ways to overcome the obstacles we ran into, including the language barrier, to give the girls at the camp the best summer they'd ever had.

The weekends when no girls were in camp we got to play. Maybe that meant going to the nearest small town, doing laundry and picking up snacks at the store. Or maybe we went home for a visit. Or maybe we just hung around camp, swimming and canoeing without having to worry about keeping our eyes on anyone. At night, we'd hang around a campfire, singing songs we could never sing around little kids.

The other job at the top of the list was when I worked at a 'road warrior,' traveling through the United States doing computer networking jobs. I'd hop on a plane early in the morning and head somewhere in the Unites States. Sometimes my trips only lasted a single day. sometimes I'd be in one place for three or four days. One trip in particular I went with a small group. We got to our destination at 10:00 at night, went to the business we were contracted to at 8:00 in the morning, and took a red-eye home. Although I think I visited thirty-five different states, I got to see very little of each location. Still, the time I spent in each city was enough to give me a 'taste' of the local flavor.

What was your favorite job? Tell us in the comments. And to find out what the other writers have done, follow the links below.

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