Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rainy Day activities #OpenBook Blog Hop

"Walking in the rain with the one I love ..."

I've never been one to be afraid of being out in whatever weather the day throws at me. (with a few exceptions—thunderstorms and -20° temperatures come to mind.) Taking a walk in a gentle rain is a great way to clear my mind. Having lived on the Oregon Coast, I've experienced lots of rainy days and gotten wet (by choice or by accident) many times. Taking a walk along the beach (dressed properly for it) with your favorite person is an experience I hope many of you will have.

But sometimes, you want to stay inside. So what to do then?

The first answer is easy. Read. Better yet, put on some of my favorite music and listen while I'm reading. Add a cup of hot cocoa or tea and a favorite blanket and you have the makings of pure bliss. Do I need to even comtinue?

But I will, because if I don't, this will be a ridiculously short blog post.  And what do you expect from an author but writing? A rainy day is as good excuse as any to avoid yard work and stay inside and write. The rain can be inspiring, bringing with it the scent of fresh air and moist earth, simple joys for a country girl.

Yes, I've danced a time or two in the rain when no one was watching. And I'm not a good dancer!

One more thing I like to do when it's raining. It's the perfect excuse for a long session of needlepointing. I spread my yarn over the nearest surface, settle into a comfortable chair, and watch the pattern develop as I weave the needle in and out of the canvas.

Want to find out what the other authors have to say? Follow the links below the next video. And feel free to tell me what your favorite rainy-day activity is in the comments.

December 19 - Describe a rainy day activity
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  1. I love walking in the rain too. We get a lot of rain here in the UK!

    1. So I've heard. :) Where we lived average rainfall was 80 inches a year.

  2. Great old tunes P.j. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.