Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Open Book Blog Hop

First, I apologize for the crummy quality of the following picture. It's the only one I could find on line.

See that memorial in the background?  The brick wall with the flags in front of it? And the metal marker on it?

I went by that location every day on my way to school and home again. Before the the wall to honor those who died in the Vietnam conflict ever existed, the town I grew up in had its own version to honor those who died serving our country. It was a limited version, and only listed those from our local city. It honored those who died in WW I, WW II and Korea.

 As we went by in the school bus, I'd often look out the window and try to make out a name or two. I was rarely successful. But I never stopped to read the list on the rare occasions when I walked by the location.

Sometime after I left the area, a separate memorial with the names of those local residents who died in Vietnam were added. Why the separate marker? I don't know the official reason, but my rational mind tells me there were too many names to add to the existing plaque.

So when I think of the real reason for Memorial Day, my first thought is always that lonely marker sitting at the end of a bridge. I don't know that I ever saw anyone there, but it was always neat. And I like to believe, that as long as that marker exists, we will continue to honor the sacrifice those men made.

Added: I found a second picture of the WW II marker. It's not a better picture, but it will give you more of the detail. A humble remembrance to those who served and died.

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May 30 Memorial Day (US) - If you're not American, you can participate (I promise). This could be how you spend Memorial Day. It could be a tribute to the military fallen (which is Memorial Day in the US). It could be the history of Memorial Day. It could be a tribute to someone in your life who has passed (which is what Memorial Day started as). See, nobody gets left out.
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