Sunday, April 24, 2016

Love Affair with Office Supplies #OpenBook Blog Hop

I admit it. I'm a hoarder. But only when it comes to office supplies. (And computer parts and pieces, but that's another story.) A few days ago, someone asked to borrow a pen. I knew I had several in my purse, so that was easy. Then someone else needed one. That was easy too. But when someone asked how many pens I was carrying, I had to figure it out. After about the fifth pen, the giggles started. By the tenth pen, it was no longer funny. Yep, ten pens. In one purse. All neatly stashed in one pocket so they could be retrieved without a problem. The only problem was deciding which to use.

And these weren't fancy pens. These were all your basic freebie giveaways. The kind you pick up from a hotel or a bank. I keep my "good" pens stashed away in their fancy boxes tucked away in a drawer.

On my writing desk at home, I have one large mug and one small pen holder filled to capacity with writing implements. Pens, pencils, markers, a paint brush or two. (I don't have any watercolor paints anymore, but the paintbrushes are still here.) No telling how many of those pens still write.  I also have nine pens laying on the top of my desk.

Now, let's move along to scratch pads. I do better there, because I actually use them and throw away the scribbled on pieces of paper when I'm done with them.  I only have two on my desk currently, but I carry two in my purse as well. I'm not entirely innocent when it comes to notepads however. Somewhere, I still have a small "memo book" from my college days with a list of books I wanted to read.

But let's talk classic stationary. You know, those finely crafted pieces of paper that our ancestors used for communication. Back in the day when people wrote these things called "letters." Companies sold stationary in a variety of sizes , shapes, colors and designs, with matching envelopes. You remember envelopes. Maybe you've even received a card or two in an envelope through snail mail.

I admit to being old enough to have written a letter or two in my time. I used to own stationary with matching envelopes. And in my best hoarding fashion, I still have an unopened package of stationary with a dragon design that was a gift from a dear friend. (Thanks, Kathleen!)

Of course, where would I be without organizational supplies? Folders and binders and paper clips and pushpins and binder clips and manila envelopes and highlighters? Oh, and labels and stickers and rubber bands and pads of lined paper? They all hold a place of honor in my system (or lack thereof.) They come in all sorts of colors and sizes and it's hard to resist the lure of a unique color or pattern in the store when it calls to me. But I've learned to pick them up and admire them and then put them back into their place for someone else to fall in love with.

It all breaks down to the fact that I've never met an office supply gadget I didn't like. I'm looking forward to finding out what everyone else on this hop thinks about office supplies. You can find out too, by following the links below!

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