Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter and What It Means—Open Book Blog Hop

Easter has always been more that a religious holiday to me. No matter what the calendar says, Easter marks the beginning of spring in my book. My mother had a group of daffodils in the yard that bloomed around Easter each year, and that was the first sign winter was on its way out.

Tulips were next. Hers were mostly red. They were about as old as the daffodils, which were as old as me.

Then came  the lilacs, and after that it was time to plant the garden. Before I knew it it was summer.

Now that I live near the Rocky Mountains, spring is different. For example, last Tuesday it was 60° F. Wednesday we had a blizzard. So, we don't plant flowers until the end of May. And because of the effect of altitude, spring arrives in different places at different times.Spring can occur anytime between April and June depending upon how high you are.

In honor of spring, I offer you a collection of Rocky Mountain wildflower pictures.

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  1. Beautiful flowers Pat. It's still brown and dead with a topping of snow. We don't plant until late May here either.

  2. This was the warmest March Easter here in ... ever, but there is still snow on the ground and it's snowing now, so winter isn't over ... and never is by Easter. Sometimes April Easters show signs of winter leaving, but we don't really trust it until mid-May.

    But some of those blue flowers looked like pasque flowers, which bloom up in the passes here, sometimes right through the snow. They were all beautiful, but those made me itch with anticipation. Maybe next weekend, we'll hike up to see if there are any yet.

  3. I love the images of flowers. So craving their colors right now. It's a rainy day here in NY.