Monday, January 11, 2016

ZOMBIES!!!—Open Book Blog Hop


Welcome to another Monday edition of the Open Book Blog Hop. This week we're talking about Zombies. They're everywhere. On TV, in book and movies, and maybe even wandering your city streets in a Zombie Festival. Frankly, I'm over them.

The first zombie movie, The White Zombie, was made in 1032! It told the story of a young woman being turned into a zombie by a voodoo master.

Today's modern zombies were developed in the 1960's. And while I can the understand the concept of the undead controlled by drugs and puppet master, I can't wrap my intellectual mind around the dead-but-not dead.

I mean, if zombies move so slow, why can't humans just run away? And if they can't think, how hard should it be to outwit them? And how do they exist without eating and drinking? After all, they do have human bodies, and in order to keep functions going—like walking around—muscles have to get energy somewhere!

And without blood, how does the body keep functioning? In the current popular show, you see zombies with no legs or no arms, still "not-alive." My logical mind can't comprehend how that can happen. After all, they would have bled out at some point and died-died.

And if they are mindless, why the heck don't they attack each other? How can they possibly think well enough to recognize a fellow zombie from a human? Talk about an easy meat source and I've yet to hear of a zombie eating another zombie. Or would the universe as we know it implode upon itself if a zombie attacked another zombie?

So while I can see the fun in pretending to be a zombie or a zombie killer, I 'm not a big fan of zombie movies or books. I've watched snippets of the current popular show, and found myself picking away at the plot and characters.

But love 'em or hate 'em, zombies are hot. Feel free to tell us what you think about zombies  in the comments.

To find out what P.J. Fiala thinks about zombies, visit her blog. HERE.  And don't forget to check out her newest release, Danny's War. It's on my wish list, and is available on Amazon and at other ebook retailers.  Danny's War

An artist, a veteran, and a motorcycle....nothing could be better.

Returning home from war a changed man is difficult for Danny Schaefer. Losing his leg and then his girlfriend made him feel like he'd never be whole again. Then he meets Tammy Davis, a vivacious beauty burdened with a secret betrayal that has left her shaken and wary. Tammy mends her wounds by painting; Danny is searching for his own way.

When they meet the sparks fly, but both desire to take it slow. Tammy's job is uncertain, her new boss wants more than her superior work product and she finds herself torn between love and duty. As Danny discovers a way to heal, he finds himself in the fight of his life - a fight for Tammy's heart.

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  1. Ha ha, my thoughts exactly! There's no way I'll be watching any zombie films in the near future!

  2. I'm with you there. Too much to try to believe in that just isn't something that could actually happen. But, there is a fascination isn't there?

  3. I remember that old movie. We caught it on cable ... back when we had cable. And actually, in The Walking Dead the CDC scientist and some Dr. Mengela character in Woodbury do explain some of the questions you ask ... about how the survive and why they will turn away from a perfectly good dead meal to chase a living one.

    But I agree with you that zombie films by themselves, created to gross us out and scare the heebie-jeebies out of us don't really do that for me. I would lose interest pretty quickly if the focus was on the zombies. They just really are not that interesting.

  4. If we look beyond zombies as being symbols of our often-times mindless civilization and the hopelessness of our consumerism lifestyle, then yes, zombies and science often don't get along. While I usually watch zombie stuff for the human element/struggle of the survivors, I do like semi-feasible zombies! There are a lot of viruses and parasites in nature that can cause zombie-like behavior in the host. But these are usually short lived.
    - LC Champlin