Monday, July 13, 2015

My Dream Vacation= Meet the Author Open Book Blog Hop

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This week's topic :What's my dream vacation?

I'm lucky enough to live within a few hours drive of several different mountain ranges, parts of the Rocky Mountain change. I spend as much time as I can in the mountains, but always in places you can get to by road. 

So it may seem strange, but what I'd like to do for my vacation is spend even more time in the mountains. Not in one of the spots I normally go to, however. What I'd like is to have a outfitter take me by horseback to some high mountain lake where very few people get to go.

I know they are used to taking people fishing on those trips, but my goal is not to catch fish.
It's to sit by the lake and write, at least during the day. Go for a walk if I felt like it, maybe even read a book. At night I want to sit and stare at the campfire, watch meteors flash through the night sky, and listen to the night sounds. The logs popping in the fire, the fish jumping in the lake, the bugs chirping, maybe even a wolf howling in the distance.

Sure, I'd be without a computer or internet access, but that would be okay. I've written entire books by hand before. I'd have to be sure to take plenty of paper with me. Not that I'd expect to get an entire book written in a week, but it sure would be nice to have the opportunity to write without worrying about the household chores. The outfitter would be responsible for the meals, even if was just canned chili and some plain old white bread. Hush, I know it's not nutritional balanced. I'll have some fruit for desert, all right?

I might not be as productive as I planned in those dreamy days high above the timberline. I might spend too much time staring at the water, watching the water skippers float across the surface and the dragonflies bouncing from plant to plant along the shoreline, but that's okay. I'd be refreshing my soul.

You say spending my time writing doesn't sound like a vacation? For me, it would be. I'd get to mix two of my most favorite things to do. Now that's a dream vacation.

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