Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Open Book Blog Hop- Diet & Exercise

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This week's question is:
Do you diet? Do you exercise? Tell us what you do to stay healthy.

Quick discloser: I work for an organization that stresses giving its employees the skills they need to live  a healthy lifestyle. We are even given "health coaches" to encourage us in our path to wellness as well discounts to health clubs. Our cafeteria offers foods for a nutritious diet, including a salad bar, along with more "traditional" cafeteria-type foods. I know what I should be doing.

So how much do I do? Not enough. I don't smoke, I've given up soda and I've never been a coffee drinker, so I can check those bad habits off my list.
And I'm lucky. For many years, I was more than moderately athletic, and that has helped me stay in good shape even now that I've slowed down. I hate calisthenics, always have, but I walk whenever I get the chance. I'm in pretty good shape for an old fart.

I don't "diet" but I do watch what I eat. My biggest problem is that I love to snack. And there isn't much in the way of "healthy" foods that I like  to eat.

But I make an exception for blueberries.

It may be because I grew up in an area where, every August, my friends and I would go pick wild huckleberries. Even better, we knew of an abandoned farm with a few domestic blueberry bushes. Although we tried to take enough berries home to share with our families, we'd eat a good portion of our find as we were picking. So eating blueberries now reminds me of those happy summer days.

But I know my downfall. Like so many others, I love chocolate. Dark chocolate especially. Hey, it's good for your heart, right?

So yes, there are still things I need to change to meet the standards that the health industry wants us to follow. But my motivation to do them is slim. And maybe someday I'll regret not doing more. Or not.

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