Sunday, December 28, 2014

I'm not gone

No, I haven't abandoned this blog. Life has gotten in the way.

My grandson was born two months early. He's doing well, thank you very much. We still don't know when he'll be released from the hospital, but he's not having any unusual medical issues. He's not even in the NICU anymore. :)

But in the meantime, I have a baby quilt to get finished. I'm working on it like crazy, because I'd love to have it done in time for him to be wrapped up in it when he goes home. That means my writing time has ceased to exist. Yes, I miss it, but first things first.

I'd hoped to have my next book, Her Ladyship's Ring, released by the end of January. That's not going to happen. I haven't set a new time frame in my mind yet, but maybe March? I'll be taking off for a couple of weeks when he is released to spend time with him and his parents, and that will factor into the schedule. Once things settle down somewhat, I'll let you know.

And hey, when I get the quilt done, (it's a stamped cross-stitch embroidery kit) I'll post it on here.  

Thanks for reading!

Added 1/4/2015

Happy New Year! And I did it!  I finished the quilt. As I promised, here's a picture.