Friday, August 29, 2014

Deleted scene from the new book

I try not to edit too much when I'm writing a first draft, but it does happen. And sometimes I think I have a good idea for a new scene in a book, but once I get it written I ponder it and decide it just isn't going to work. I present you one of those scenes today. I didn't even finish writing this one before I knew it didn't fit with the storyline. I still like it though, and maybe I'll find a way to use it in another book. We'll see.

When I woke, my bed seemed smaller than usual. And the room seemed darker than I remembered. I wondered if I was dreaming and just thought I was awake.
I tried to roll over, stretch to wake myself up and look at my clock, but something heavy had me pinned in place. I stifled a scream, not wanting to alert my captor to the fact that I was awake. Or was I asleep, and this was no dream but a nightmare? Or a flashback to last fall?

I closed my eyes again for a second, but when I re-opened them nothing had changed. I cautiously wiggled each of my arms, and then each of my legs, to analyze the situation. To my relief, only one arm was pinned down. If I took it slowly and carefully, I could squirm out from under the weight holding me down and roll off the mattress.

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And just for eye-candy, here's another house that could serve as a model for a home in Oak Grove. Or I could see it as a farmhouse out in the country somewhere.